What do men want?

What do men want? What turns us on?  What do we like in the bedroom?  Alex and I talk about the myths and the explanations…apparently, despite our protests to the contrary, we are pretty simple as it turns out.

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1 thought on “What do men want?”

  1. Ideas for show: Sex Therapy–Cure for depression, anxiety, stress, etc…/ Long Distance Relationships involving sex/ (and a far distant aside) Solfeggio Frequencies, specifically 432Hz. Do they help? I’ve had recent experiences with all three and would love some thoughts. I feel a bit insane at the moment, but happy. I don’t know why I’m not worried about this. Life is strange, but amusing right now. Also, more relevant to the recent show, What do Men Want? I’d have to say, humor is important and a very sexy turn-on. Being able to laugh together is a good sign of confidence and comfort. Hearing your partner laugh, making her laugh, seeing the look in her eye when she laughs, and being able to laugh with er, her making me laugh, is all very sexy. I feel that without humor, the relationship turns old and empty. Ya gotta be able to laugh together. Thanks for the show. Peace

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