Having emotions? That’s normal.

If you venture outside your partnership, inevitably at some point someone is going to have emotions for you, you for them, your partner for them.  This isn’t the end of the relationship, but it is one of the more complex parts of openly engaging in sex with extra people.  It’s complicated….but not impossible.

We talk about how we have successfully, and sometimes unsuccessfully navigated the troubled waters of emotions.  In the end, if you do it with love and respect, it almost always brings you closer.

Your friends,

The American Sex Pod


The Sex Party. Myth or reality?

Do these parties even exist?  What are they like?  Who goes to these?  How do I find one?  How do we survive one and have fun in such an open atmosphere that to date has probably only existed in your fantasy or on the back page of a magazine story.

We’ve been there, lived to tell about it, and been back again….

Your friends,

The American Sex Pod

Navigating a threesome

So, you found a partner AND you have trust and respect?  Maybe?

Here are our insights to initiating, and navigating your first attempt at a threesome.  Our lessons we learned and how to possibly avoid the same mistakes.  Although, sometimes the mistakes are fun 😉

Your friends,

The American Sex Pod

We’re different people..now what?

Sometimes we like different things in a relationship.  I like pizza, she’s all about Chinese food.  How do we rectify that especially when it’s about sex.

What to say and what to do when we don’t desire the same thing.  How to manage expectations and interests so that both people are happy and fulfilled in a way that seems respectful to one another.




Is Love real?

Welcome to American Sex.

A podcast dedicated to delving into a question we all seek.  Is love real?


We all know its hard: marriage, honesty, intimacy.  Is anyone successful and happy, really happy, with their partner and themselves within a pairing.

Together we’ll explore kinks, and unconventional partnerships, along with more traditional explorations trying to find the real truth to the matter.  It’ll be a sexy, fun look at one of life’s more profound questions.


Be kind.  We’re just learning, and we’re here to help.

Ex Animo.

Is cuddling enough? Guest: Epihpany Jordan

We talk an awful lot about sex here.  However, a book came across our desks that really interested us.  Its called “Somebody Hold Me” by Epiphany Jordan and is its being released on Nov 27th on ebooks everywhere.

Over the next two episodes we chat with Epiphany about her path from a sexualized being to a possibly asexual being through circumstance, age, health etc.  Do our needs of touch and the chemical reaction to this become obselete simply because we can’t find an emotion or physical partner to have sex with?  Our answer is no, and Epiphany delivers a wonder textbook on how to naviagate the world of touch without sexualizing it.

We are fascinated.

-The American Sex Pod

Epiphany’s book will release online on Nov 27th on most ebook retailers.  We highly reccomend it!