Is cuddling enough? With Epiphany Jordan

We talk an awful lot about sex here, but what happens if you’re asexual, possibly due to circumstance such as age or health?  Do your needs of human contact and the chemical experience of oxytocin diminished?

We don’t think so.

A book came across our desk called “Somebody Hold Me” by Epiphany Jordan.  Epiphany lives in Texas.  She wrote a “how to” book on the power of human touch through “cuddling” or simply increased human contact.

If you’re like my mother, and find this silly, you probably need it more than anyone.  Take 30 mins and you’ll discover how to drastically and immediately improve your life.

Buy the book and have a reference guide that will instantly improve your happiness factor.

”Somebody Hold me” is available across most major ebook markets on November 27th.

-The American Sex Pod


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