Is cuddling enough? Guest: Epihpany Jordan

We talk an awful lot about sex here.  However, a book came across our desks that really interested us.  Its called “Somebody Hold Me” by Epiphany Jordan and is its being released on Nov 27th on ebooks everywhere.

Over the next two episodes we chat with Epiphany about her path from a sexualized being to a possibly asexual being through circumstance, age, health etc.  Do our needs of touch and the chemical reaction to this become obselete simply because we can’t find an emotion or physical partner to have sex with?  Our answer is no, and Epiphany delivers a wonder textbook on how to naviagate the world of touch without sexualizing it.

We are fascinated.

-The American Sex Pod

Epiphany’s book will release online on Nov 27th on most ebook retailers.  We highly reccomend it!


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