I fear I love……

Or do you love your fear? What is love? Here’s my take:

Some of you may agree, some may vehemently disagree, but objectively, I think love is the emotion of “fear” redirected to the positive and fear is the negative reaction to the emotion we call “fear”.

If you’re intrigued, give a listen. If you want to hear a man ramble on about the paradoxical existential reality of “love” as our purpose or our meaning to our existence, give a listen.

Its a monologue. Listen with your friend or lover and discuss. We should have conversations about more than “is the milk expired”, or “did you see what Mary was wearing?” or fuck, “the president is a disaster of 5 generations.” Think bigger.

Expand your mind,

-The American Sex Pod


What do you get out of it? Nick and Auryn

What do you get out of an open relationship?  It can’t be stability, companionship, ride or die, love conquers all – hell, you sleep with other people!  I MUST NOT BE ENOUGH!!!

If you’ve had, have or fear you’ll have these thoughts, this final interview of the year is for you.  

I’ll spoil the ending – you are.

-The American Sex Pod

I love sex….am I an addict? with Dr. Shannon Chavez

So if you’ve been paying attention, we think sex is pretty great.  We like to do it as much as possible, and experiment, and well, play.

While we have the doctor’s ear, we talk about those questions regular couples can’t answer.  Is there such as thing as too much sex?  Am I an addict?  Am I “NORMAL”???

We have our own thoughts on this, but listen in and see what the doctor has to say about it.

Again, many thanks to Dr. Chavez for her time and expertise.  We are very grateful to be able to share this with interested humans.

-The American Sex Pod

The doctor is in…. with Dr. Shannon Chavez

We speak to a lot of couples, and we get to hear about their lives and their relationships.  Why they make the choices they make, and how they make those choices work, or not.

Today, we talked with Dr. Shannon Chavez, a sex therapist in Beverly Hills, California.  She chats with us about her personal journey with her own relationships, her youth, and why she chose sex therapy as her way to interact with her community.

Her insights verify much of what we have discovered with many of our previous guests, but her insights are backed by degrees and years of experience we’ll simply never have.

We so appreciated her time and insight into “What is love?”

-The American Sex Pod

Is cuddling enough? With Epiphany Jordan

We talk an awful lot about sex here, but what happens if you’re asexual, possibly due to circumstance such as age or health?  Do your needs of human contact and the chemical experience of oxytocin diminished?

We don’t think so.

A book came across our desk called “Somebody Hold Me” by Epiphany Jordan.  Epiphany lives in Texas.  She wrote a “how to” book on the power of human touch through “cuddling” or simply increased human contact.

If you’re like my mother, and find this silly, you probably need it more than anyone.  Take 30 mins and you’ll discover how to drastically and immediately improve your life.

Buy the book and have a reference guide that will instantly improve your happiness factor.

”Somebody Hold me” is available across most major ebook markets on November 27th.

-The American Sex Pod

There’s just so much more to learn…..

We continue with Bella this week.  She has simply experienced more in her life than most of us could hope to experience in 10 lifetimes.  Her wisdom and outlook on life and its relationship to sex is fascinating.

She talks about children, polyamory, dom/sub relationships and so much more.  Its 25 min of constant learning.  We were mesmerized.

-The American Sex Pod

You can find out more on Bella at:

http://www.belllavey.com and read her book “Fetish Girl” available for download everywhere.

Living life with intentions

Hillary and Berg are very authentic and realized.  I’d say that they are fully realized, but that would be counter to the idea of a constant journey.

We talk about several different points from #metoo, from dealing with your parents and the loss of the generational wisdom as we begin to live openly and outwardly in ways that the previous generations simply don’t understand as a generalization.

-The American Sex Pod

I think firemen are sexy….

Genevive and Alex return to talk about role playing, a particular fantasy of Genevive’s.

We talk about the how and why.  Interested?  How to get your partner interested or excited.  Here are some fun games to try and play.

This is at the heart of the podcast.  How to have a better relationship through better sex.

-The American Sex Pod

We realized, for reasons unknown, this original post was silent.  We’re trying to figure out why, but nonetheless, here you go.  The next episode release will be tomorrow, on schedule.

Let’s have a baby!!!

So now we come back around to Alex and Genevive who are now almost 5 months pregnant….with twins!!

We check in on them and how they are doing.  How is being pregnant affected their open relationship and their sex life in general.

You’ll get to hear the truth on what is happening and how each are dealing with a new direction This isn’t the typical candy coated “being pregnant is beautiful” session.  You get the good, the bad, and the sexy.

Listen in!


– The American Sex Pod

Is cuddling enough? Guest: Epihpany Jordan

We talk an awful lot about sex here.  However, a book came across our desks that really interested us.  Its called “Somebody Hold Me” by Epiphany Jordan and is its being released on Nov 27th on ebooks everywhere.

Over the next two episodes we chat with Epiphany about her path from a sexualized being to a possibly asexual being through circumstance, age, health etc.  Do our needs of touch and the chemical reaction to this become obselete simply because we can’t find an emotion or physical partner to have sex with?  Our answer is no, and Epiphany delivers a wonder textbook on how to naviagate the world of touch without sexualizing it.

We are fascinated.

-The American Sex Pod

Epiphany’s book will release online on Nov 27th on most ebook retailers.  We highly reccomend it!