No man is an island

We talk with Brian.  Brian is a pansexual male living and working in Los Angeles.  He’s insightful and articulate and explains how living his true self is not always the easiest thing to do.

Don’t worry, its got a happy ending.

-The American Sex Pod


I think firemen are sexy….

Genevive and Alex return to talk about role playing, a particular fantasy of Genevive’s.

We talk about the how and why.  Interested?  How to get your partner interested or excited.  Here are some fun games to try and play.

This is at the heart of the podcast.  How to have a better relationship through better sex.

-The American Sex Pod

We realized, for reasons unknown, this original post was silent.  We’re trying to figure out why, but nonetheless, here you go.  The next episode release will be tomorrow, on schedule.

How long is….long enough?

Alex and Genevive are back post Burning Man to talk about duration, porn and how long is too long?

Men and women climax differently and with different stimulus.  The key to being a great lover is putting your attention on the other person, and then everyone has at least one person focused on them.  Porn focuses you on yourself UNLESS you can retrain your “practice” to do just that…practice.  If you allow porn to be totally self-indulgent and not self-exploratory then it can be problematic like Alex says.

There’s advice, some kinky stories and some lessons to be learned.

-The American Sex Pod

Purr and Gadget at Burning Man

We are at Burning Man.  Recorded on the playa with Purr and Gadget, they are a homosexual monogamous couple.  We talk all about why they make the choices they make, and they even have for the first time a conversation about a third party in their relationship.

If you’ve ever wondered or speculated about who goes to Burning Man and why, I think Purr and Gadget might shed some light and really give you a perspective of the wide variety of people and things happening at this world famous experience.

-The American Sex Pod