Dirty Talk!

We’re back with Alex and Genevive and honestly it’s not often I, as a sex podcast host, learn something completely new during a podcast, but wow, I was doing dirty talk all wrong.

Are you doing it right?  Check in and find out what turns men and women on when you want to use your voice to make everything sexy.

It can be a vulnerable state opening yourself up and talking about all the wonderful and naughty things, and that vulnerability can be scary.  Of course, that is what makes it so good.

I bet you’ll learn something, I did.

– The American Sex Pod


Let’s have a baby!!!

So now we come back around to Alex and Genevive who are now almost 5 months pregnant….with twins!!

We check in on them and how they are doing.  How is being pregnant affected their open relationship and their sex life in general.

You’ll get to hear the truth on what is happening and how each are dealing with a new direction This isn’t the typical candy coated “being pregnant is beautiful” session.  You get the good, the bad, and the sexy.

Listen in!


– The American Sex Pod

What does it mean to be “open”?

We’re concluding our introductory sessions with Jackie and Mike, and we say introductory because any more sessions with them will simply be wonderful.

What does it mean to be “open”?  How do we define that in a world that is both defining and redefining sexuality and gender and at the same time seems to be insisting we stop defining things.

It can be confusing.  Hopefully, after 30 minutes with Jackie and Mike, it will be less daunting for you, you and your partner or partners.


-The American Sex Pod

To be open or not to be….at the beginning

Jackie and Mike are a wealth of experience and knowledge.  We talk about many of the beginners guides to “dipping your toe” in without drowning.

Some amazing pointers to help start, and how to deal with those “pointers” when they inevitably fail.

It’s a great sexy discussion including the best way to give a blowjob.  You might want to pay attention to that one.


-The American Sex Pod

Open for life…

Intelligence, long term commitment, communication, great sex…

Do you want that?

We have the pleasure of chatting with Jackie and her partner Mike.  They are a couple approaching 60 years old that have been together for over 20 years, raised a family and been through it all.

Their insight, point of view, and experience cannot be undervalued as they enlighten us with their thoughts.

If you have ever considered, wondered or by nature are listening to this podcast at all, listen to them speak.

-The American Sex Pod