What is “normal”?

We finish up our conversation with Sam.  She’s a bisexual monogamous woman who’s currently single.

Listen in, as she has her own thoughts on what she wants, and how that has changed for her. You’ll never drive by a median in the highway and feel the same again.

-The American Sex Pod


When the spontaneity dies…

We are still chatting with Sam, a monogamous, bisexual (although she doesn’t like the term), woman.

We talk about communication upfront, and what happens when she finds herself attracted to another person while in a relationship, and what that means to her.

We chat about sex as the “cheese” to relationship “pizza”, and how to sprinkle it all over, and her belief that sex should spontaneous and not planned.  Sound familiar to you?

-The American Sex Pod

Meet Sam, she’s single and loves everyone.

Sam is a fascinating woman.  She’s had relationships with everyone, men and women.  She doesn’t like the label of bisexual, and we appreciate that.

Sam talks about her relationships and her expectations as she is monogamous.  She fun and straight of New York.  She’s currently single, and seeking her next romantic partner.  We had a wonderful time speaking with her over the next three podcasts.  Listen in to her how she pursues her relationships from the beginning, middle and the ends.

We hope you find this to be revealing and informative for you and yours.

-The American Sex Pod

If I am open, am I allowed to have limits?

David and Laura are two of the most open people that we have met.  They have a calmness and a clarity about their relationship and seem to enjoy pushing each other boundaries, but are their limits?

Can I say no without hindering or judging my partner?

The short answer is: of course you can, but listen in and see if you don’t discover something about yourself and how to navigate your own relationship whether is monogoumous or not.


-The American Sex Pod