It’s not always easy

We continue to explore David and Laura’s relationship and talk about their experiences.

We grow and learn from our communication.  He says “we prioritize each other’s time over our affection.”

Brace yourselves, these people are open, honest and get right to it.  We talk about orgies, parties, psychedelics and the combination of it all.  No matter who you are, or what your relationship or sexuality, I think you’ll learn something about yourself here.

-The American Sex Pod


A New Perspective, David and Laura

So I have been traveling in India and Nepal for several weeks, and we’re new so we didn’t have a backlog of podcasts, but fear not, we’re back with new guests, David and Laura, who have one of the most beautifully healthy relationships we’ve come across.

From the beginning, David and Laura have cultivated a relationship based on openly sharing affection, effectively communicating, and spending quality time.  Sounds like your relationship, right?

Tune in to see how they manage to live their lives in a happy partnership.


-The American Sex Pod