Navigating a threesome

So, you found a partner AND you have trust and respect?  Maybe?

Here are our insights to initiating, and navigating your first attempt at a threesome.  Our lessons we learned and how to possibly avoid the same mistakes.  Although, sometimes the mistakes are fun 😉

Your friends,

The American Sex Pod


We’re different what?

Sometimes we like different things in a relationship.  I like pizza, she’s all about Chinese food.  How do we rectify that especially when it’s about sex.

What to say and what to do when we don’t desire the same thing.  How to manage expectations and interests so that both people are happy and fulfilled in a way that seems respectful to one another.




Is Love real?

Welcome to American Sex.

A podcast dedicated to delving into a question we all seek.  Is love real?


We all know its hard: marriage, honesty, intimacy.  Is anyone successful and happy, really happy, with their partner and themselves within a pairing.

Together we’ll explore kinks, and unconventional partnerships, along with more traditional explorations trying to find the real truth to the matter.  It’ll be a sexy, fun look at one of life’s more profound questions.


Be kind.  We’re just learning, and we’re here to help.

Ex Animo.